Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the season...

It's Christmas and I love this time of year! The lights, the music, the food! However, this Christmas I have been really struck by how many people are struggling this holiday season to just survive, let alone make any sort of Christmas happen for their families. It seems that this time in history is testing so many of us in ways we never imagined. While that is trying and oftentimes disheartening at the same time trials build character and show us who we truly are.

While putting our Christmas letter together this year I tried to think back to some of my favorite Christmases assuming the big ones would be where I got my doll house (a great Christmas, but not my fave) or some other great gift. Instead the first Christmas that popped into mind was one where things were tight, so tight in fact that we couldn't afford a tree that year so instead we decorated a plant we had in the house. The pic of my brother and I sitting next to our Christmas plant is still one of my favorites! I remember really liking the plant because it was at my level, I could decorate the entire thing, not just the bottom. Our small smattering of presents were scattered underneath and if I remember correctly I am gazing fondly at our improvised tree with a huge smile. I can only imagine the dismay my parents must have felt that year when they realized that we couldn't afford to buy a real tree and probably sat down once my brother and I were in bed to try and figure out if there was any way at all they could make that happen for us. Little did they know that that Christmas was one of my favorites, the one that sticks in my mind more than any others. I don't remember any of the gifts I got, but I do remember loving how special our family was. It didn't matter what we put the gifts under, or if there were even gifts at all! What mattered was that we were together, that we made the best of not the best situation, and we were happy. It is easy to stress about gifts, especially if you enjoy giving like I do, but in the end the gifts and wrappings will be forgotten, but the special memories that are made will last forever. Sometimes the more we are tested the more we pull together. The Christmas plant year will forever live in my memory as a great Christmas. I hope you all can find your Christmas plant among the madness of this season. And as corny as it sounds, it isn't the presents under the tree that matter but the presence of Christ that makes Christmas special. Happy Holidays to you all!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

it's that time of year...

..when the crafts fairs start popping up all over town. This is a fun time of year for me. Finally all my hats and scarves are actually useful to people in San Diego! Last weekend I sold at the McKinley Elementary craft fair and it was so much fun! I met some great people while there. A couple of the vendors bought some hats, including Stephanie from Made With Luv http://www.madewithluv.com/blog/. Here is a photo of her sporting the hat I made while I was at the fair.At the next fair we do together I think she might have to earn a commision because she got me a bunch of other orders!!

Today I attended the Women's Day In Expo and it was such a blast! It was so much more than just a craft fair. There was music, drinks, massages, and even a fashion show! Alot of the same people were there that I met the previous weekend so that was really fun. I didn't have a table this time but just sat in the lounge area and crocheted away with a few of my hats sitting out nearby. I sold almost all the hats I brought and the one I was making! Here is a photo of Paula wearing the hat she bought.

I have come into contact with so many great ladies recently. Another of my new favorites is Jen of My Three Son Designs. You can imagine we have a lot in common, including creating things! Here is her website, she not only makes adorable baby and children's items but also cool retro items for your home. http://www.mythreesonsdesigns.com/. She also has a blog http://www.mythreesonsdesigns,clogspot.com/.

I also made some hats for my new nephew Brody. He was a really great model!

So, in closing I would just like to say that I love this time of year. The heat has been turned on, I am wearing sweaters again, and all three boys now have funky new hats made by me, photos to come later!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New items for the Holidays

It has been far too long since I have been crafty. Well, that is all over. I am getting ready for a craft fair this Saturday and as a result have been a busy little elf crocheting and sewing up a storm! And of course once again I am reminded why I love being crafty; it is fun! So here are just a couple of the things I will be selling this weekend and some of my new items. There will be more come! enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer is almost here!

Ok, I realize that Spring has just arrived, but it has been super hot in my neck of the woods so I have summer fever! That means cute bags and fun jewelry! I have re-posted some old items that were big hits last summer, like my Elizabeth bags, and all my jewelry goes great with tank tops and slip dresses! Don't forget about mother's day, either! Get your mom, sister, grandma, aunt, friend, ANYONE, something special for their special day. Check it out!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

New things and Yummy things!

I have started to really enjoy cooking. I never really disliked it, I just didn't have a lot of time (not that I have that now) or a very good kitchen for cooking so I did just enough to get by. Now that I can cook while happily watching and listening to my children play I am finding the kitchen a much happier place.

This is my attempt at re-creating a cake I had a birthday party for one of Anthony's schoolmates. It was basically strawberry shortcake in cake form! It was sooooo yummy I have been dreaming about it for weeks! So, I looked up simple sponge cake recipes and found one that sounded yummy and easy (two MUSTS for anything I cook). Below is the finished product, to be sampled tonight by my family. If nothing else she is really photogenic, right?

Now for a couple non-food items I have cooked up recently.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still some more...

A few more.

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Items!

Some of you may wonder where in the world I find time to make anything, let alone try NEW things. Well, the answer is simple, I have to MAKE time, and it is very important to me to make that time. It is how I keep my sanity and how I unwind. Anyway, here are some new items in my shop. Happy Shopping.!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More new stuff!

Hi all. I have some more new items in my store. These bags are similar to the satchels I posted last time with just a few modifications, like ZIPPERS!! Yes, now your stuff wo't fall out even if you fall over! These bags are going fast so if you want one, pick it up now or put in a special order. I can put together any color/fabric combo you like, just convo me on etsy or send me an email and I will start your order ASAP. Also, all beanies and hats are 15% off right now. Trying to clear out my inventory. I can make special order hats, too, if you like, and you wil still get the discount. Happy shopping!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And here they are...

I said I was making chips and I made chips. They turned out much better than my last batch, which were actually really tasty, just a bit more chewy than I like. These are crispy and delish, at least for now. I am not yet sure how to keep them crispy and fear that it is all the chemicals added to store bought chips that keep them so darn crunchy. Oh well, I guess I will just have to eat them all as quickly as possible!!!
These are the cut, pre-cooked chips. I would just like to point out that despite the fact that I could not for the life of me roll the tortillas into a circle, when I cut my various shapes into wedges, they actually looked somewhat like real chips. I was kind of excited by this.The cooked chips cooling and draining off excess oil. Yes, I did this the old fashioned way, but I did not fry them in lard, which is what it called for. I am sure it would have been mighty tasty, but who needs a heart attack, right? Veggie oil worked just as well.
My official taste testers getting a sample.
They passed the test!!!!

What am I up to?

I realize that most of you know that I like to make things, but it is not limited to yarn, fabric, and beads. No, as of late I have become quite the little chef. Now, let me preface by saying that I am not necessarily a GOOD cook, but I am learning and trying so I can eventually become good. My new favorite things to make are breads and tortillas. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a new bread machine so I have been baking up a storm. Some might say that a machine is cheating, but I don't care!! I have made italian bread, pizza dough, wheat bread, and plain old white bread. I have also made homemade corn and flour tortillas and tortillas chips. I am still working on perfecting those two things. I think what I enjoy most about baking and bread making is the kneading and rolling. It is quite relaxing once you get a nice rhythm going. Then of course there is the yummy result of all your hard work, warm bread or quesadillas!

So, here are so pics from my latest attempt at making flour tortillas, soon to be made into tortilla chips. These are the closest to tasting like the uncooked tortillas I usually buy at the store. They are Sonoran style, which are thinner and used for burritos as opposed to the thicker, chewier style used for gorditas or flat bread recipes.
These are the dough balls that must rest for 45 minutes before rolling out and cooking.

This is the tortilla cooking on the comal, a traditional Mexican pan used for cooking, well, tortillas.
This is cooking the opposite side. Yummy!
I am still working on rolling them into circles, but I liked this one because it looked like a heart. I thought that was oppropriate considering the time of year.
The finished product!

I will post more pics when I am finished making the chips. I did attempt to make them earlier this week but the tortilla recipe was for the thicker kind and they did not fry up into chips as well as I would have liked, although they still tasted great!!! So, hopefully thes will work better.

And don't worry, I am still crafting up a storm. I will post some new items when my chips are done!!! After all, what better way to reward hard work than with a yummy snack of chips and guacamole?

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Satchels

Hey all. Just wanted to let you all know about my newest items. These satchels are super roomy and lightweight so you can carry a lot without feeling weighed down. The strap and gusset are crocheted with wool and then felted so they are extra strong. I can do special orders, too, if you have a color combo you are interested in. Check out the full listings at

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Items

Hey everyone. I know it has been a while since I posted, but with the holidays and all I hardly found time to do laundry much less be crafty and blog. But, now it is 2009 and I am excited about what lies ahead and felt like challenging myself to try new things, both in life and in my crafts. So, I am venturing into jewelry making. Yes, you heard me. Now, it is still crocheting mind you, but with beads and wire rather than yarn and buttons. But it is so much fun!!!!! I am enjoying trying new fibers and media to crochet with and am finding that there are so many cool things you can make with a needle and thread/wire/twine and a little imagination. So, enough blogging, let's get to the goodies. My latest creations can be found at my store


Check it out!!!! More to come...