Thursday, February 5, 2009

What am I up to?

I realize that most of you know that I like to make things, but it is not limited to yarn, fabric, and beads. No, as of late I have become quite the little chef. Now, let me preface by saying that I am not necessarily a GOOD cook, but I am learning and trying so I can eventually become good. My new favorite things to make are breads and tortillas. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a new bread machine so I have been baking up a storm. Some might say that a machine is cheating, but I don't care!! I have made italian bread, pizza dough, wheat bread, and plain old white bread. I have also made homemade corn and flour tortillas and tortillas chips. I am still working on perfecting those two things. I think what I enjoy most about baking and bread making is the kneading and rolling. It is quite relaxing once you get a nice rhythm going. Then of course there is the yummy result of all your hard work, warm bread or quesadillas!

So, here are so pics from my latest attempt at making flour tortillas, soon to be made into tortilla chips. These are the closest to tasting like the uncooked tortillas I usually buy at the store. They are Sonoran style, which are thinner and used for burritos as opposed to the thicker, chewier style used for gorditas or flat bread recipes.
These are the dough balls that must rest for 45 minutes before rolling out and cooking.

This is the tortilla cooking on the comal, a traditional Mexican pan used for cooking, well, tortillas.
This is cooking the opposite side. Yummy!
I am still working on rolling them into circles, but I liked this one because it looked like a heart. I thought that was oppropriate considering the time of year.
The finished product!

I will post more pics when I am finished making the chips. I did attempt to make them earlier this week but the tortilla recipe was for the thicker kind and they did not fry up into chips as well as I would have liked, although they still tasted great!!! So, hopefully thes will work better.

And don't worry, I am still crafting up a storm. I will post some new items when my chips are done!!! After all, what better way to reward hard work than with a yummy snack of chips and guacamole?

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Lesley K Yates said...

Ok, I want your recipe :) I know I'll have to modify it, but I love uncooked tortillas at the store and the gluten free ones are really expensive.