Sunday, May 23, 2010

And I thought it was a good day…

It started out perfect, coffee brewing, someone had already gotten Nico his breakfast, Grandpa was here, what more could a mommy want?  Well, for Nico to poop in the potty of course.  Shortly after breakfast he says, “I feel like I have to poop.”  So, he goes off to the potty, but nothing.  Then I just strip him down hoping that tactic will work.  Well, a few minutes later he says the same thing, goes in the potty and shortly after that we all hear a flush.  I am thinking, no way, this was too easy, too good to be true!  So, I had to do a little private detective work and well “check” to make sure he had actually pooped.  The evidence was strongly in his favor on this one, so he got his poop fire truck, his poop candy bar, and got to watch his favorite show.  It was a joyful morning indeed! 

Then came nap time.  I put him in a pull up, put him down, and about 45 minutes later we hear him yelling.  Now, he did the same thing yesterday and had apparently thrown up a little bit.  He is fighting a cold so I think he was yelling, started coughing, and made himself gag.  Well, the same thing happened today!  Perhaps he has learned a new way to get out of naps.  Anyway, he comes downstairs and not 5 minutes later has pooped in his pants (pull up, thank goodness).  What do you do?  I can’t take back the candy, but I did take back his fire truck and said he could get it when he pooped in the potty again.  I am hoping he was just confused, wearing a pull up, still not used to doing it in the potty.  But, needless to say, it was disappointing and disheartening.  I thought we had crossed a major hurdle and now I feel like we are back at the starting line.  We shall see how tomorrow goes. 

So, May 23 started out great, but now I am not so sure.

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